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Just Stop! 3 Persistent Communication Errors We Struggle to Eliminate

Posted by Randy Boek on May 13, 2015

Improving communication is usually one of the challenges on the agenda when executives call me about improving team performance. It may be vertically, top floor to shop floor, or horizontally within a team, executive, or across departments. Endemic communication challenges are more often than not symptoms, not causes. This post is redundant. Every leader either […]


In Honor of Mothers

Posted by Randy Boek on May 07, 2015

For those of us who had the fortune to grow up with good moms, her work is visible to those we lead. Families, kids, and communities benefit from the work and commitment of a good mom. In the process kids learn values, good manners, work ethic and many more of the foundations necessary for a […]


umpire argue
Bad for Baseball, Good for Business

Posted by Randy Boek on April 14, 2015

I was a Seahawks fan in Raider territory – or actually, on Saturday, a Mariners fan at an Oakland Athletics home game. The A’s runner slid into home plate to score a much-needed run and was called out by the umpire. Until recently, for the entire history of baseball, that was it. A player or […]


Constructive Criticism Isn’t

Posted by Randy Boek on April 07, 2015

What does the recipient think when a leader says, “I’d like to…I’m going to…I want to give you some constructive criticism?” The word “constructive” is usually not heard. While the words in response may be a pensive “o-kay,” the recipient is thinking: “here we go again” or “constructive – yeah right.” If you are a […]


Stop Kicking the Dog

Posted by Randy Boek on April 01, 2015

The dog knows when we are supposed to be home from work and waits with positive anticipation. Partially for a walk or for dinner, but mostly to get and give some love. There should be an eleventh commandment: “Don’t kick the dog.” There is an appropriate amendment to that 11th Commandment that makes violation a cardinal […]