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Bad for Baseball, Good for Business

Posted by Randy Boek on April 14, 2015

I was a Seahawks fan in Raider territory – or actually, on Saturday, a Mariners fan at an Oakland Athletics home game. The A’s runner slid into home plate to score a much-needed run and was called out by the umpire. Until recently, for the entire history of baseball, that was it. A player or […]


Constructive Criticism Isn’t

Posted by Randy Boek on April 07, 2015

What does the recipient think when a leader says, “I’d like to…I’m going to…I want to give you some constructive criticism?” The word “constructive” is usually not heard. While the words in response may be a pensive “o-kay,” the recipient is thinking: “here we go again” or “constructive – yeah right.” If you are a […]


Stop Kicking the Dog

Posted by Randy Boek on April 01, 2015

The dog knows when we are supposed to be home from work and waits with positive anticipation. Partially for a walk or for dinner, but mostly to get and give some love. There should be an eleventh commandment: “Don’t kick the dog.” There is an appropriate amendment to that 11th Commandment that makes violation a cardinal […]


Easier Said Than Done: Why the Best Leaders Earn Discretionary Effort

Posted by Randy Boek on March 26, 2015

Motivation, commitment, discretionary effort, and employee engagement can’t be commanded. If those desirable traits are not a reality on your team, the right starting point to correcting it is a hard look in the mirror. While there are many things that high performing leaders do to create and maintain the big four above, all are […]


Big Data & Cognitive Errors

Posted by Randy Boek on March 23, 2015

More data is available to more people, more quickly than ever. For leaders, this is a good thing… or not. When I was young, my Grandma ran a small neighborhood grocery store. I delivered bags of groceries to the local “shut-ins” in my Radio Flyer. She had been a schoolteacher and was intent on me […]