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On Challenges and My Summer Vacation Update

Posted by Randy Boek on July 17, 2015

Challenges are the stuff of a life well lived. Many just show up. Some, put upon us by others: bosses, team members, family. Achievements, growth, learning, and occasionally some fun is part of meeting the challenge. The unhealthy reality is the tendency to approach challenge with a “have to” attitude. In reality, there is very […]


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4 Simple Steps for More Effective Communication

Posted by Randy Boek on June 30, 2015

What is said is often obscured by how it is said. It is common knowledge that the words said are only a small part of the meaning conveyed. Words get trumped by tone of voice, facial expressions, and other silent language that when misaligned with the words creates confusion or causes the other party to […]


Leading Organizational Change –Six Essential Steps for Success

Posted by Randy Boek on June 17, 2015

Blockbuster failed to adapt and subsequently, died. This is old news, but still a great David & Goliath story. It started when Reed Hastings was frustrated by being forced to pay Blockbuster $40 for the late return of Apollo 13. He got the idea for Netflix. Fast-forward a few years, when, after Netflix was gaining […]


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Who, me? A Leader’s Look in the Mirror

Posted by Randy Boek on June 10, 2015

Finding someone to blame is the default response to a bad outcome. This starting mentality and the accompanying reaction is not generally productive. A leader’s reaction to a bad result can be good for the relationship, the team, and the business or it can damage one or all three of these. Here’s the tough pill […]


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The Last Word on Corporate Values

Posted by Randy Boek on June 01, 2015

The last word on corporate values is actually three words. Customers, employees, and suppliers know what your company’s real corporate values are. A nicely framed plaque on multiple walls can be a sad irony, (see Enron) a valid affirmation or a source of raucous laughter. The last three words on corporate values are: Behavior of […]