Too many decent Strategic Plans end up on the trash heap of dead possibilities. The right discussions take place. Ideas get legs. Enthusiasm builds. Binders are published and begin to collect dust on the shelf. The reality of getting product shipped and all the related activities of running the business dominate the priority list. Strategy execution languishes.

Route Two provides system, structure, and leadership to drive execution. Through the guidance of a Route Two outsider forward progress becomes consistent. Execution moves from being a tangential leadership accountability to become an integrated component of running the business.


Partnership for business growth is more than a Route Two sound-bite. It is a core ethic. We share our client’s commitment to growth of the business, growth of individual leaders, and growth of the teams that run the business. Implementing the changes necessary to execute new strategic initiatives is seldom easy and not always satisfying. It can be more of both.

Clarity – Alignment – Focus

Our Implementation Roadmaps translate strategic initiatives into executable tactics with specific timeframes and accountabilities. These colorful Roadmaps spell out exactly how and when business strategies will be realized in the context of your business reality. We do not produce binders of text. Your strategic plan and all related elements will be maps and other graphics that show linkages, dependencies, and accountabilities in ways that are easy to comprehend and explain to others from the board to the production floor.

Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Leadership teams are not always ready to function at the level of effectiveness necessary to execute new strategic initiatives. Route Two provides a leadership development curriculum that is based on the principles of High Performance. In High Performance organizations people understand the business and work cooperatively with a commitment to business results. Accountability is paramount and leaders have the perspective skills and tools to drive business growth by achieving results through others. Leaders know how to lead and manage and when to apply the right approach for the desired result. Route Two training that is specifically focused on building High Performance Leaders, top-floor to shop-floor.

We offer comprehensive formal Leadership Development programs tailored specifically to the needs of your leadership team and focused on achieving desired results.


Installing the changes inherent in executing a new strategic plan can be like trying to change tires on a car that is on the road at 60 miles per hour. The business continues to run. Every leader already has a plate full of priorities. In partnership with the senior executive client sponsor a Route Two outsider keeps the execution process moving forward. Alignment, integration and implementation progress in the business.