High Performance Leadership Perspective, Skills, and Tools

Leaders who share a common High Performance Leadership perspective, along with the right skills and tools, get better business results. If you’re like most organizations, you have leaders with varied capability – from high-fliers to those who truly struggle. You may have good people in your organization who have been selected for leadership roles because of their technical competence, rather than their leadership experience or effectiveness. As a result, some parts of your business thrive, while others stumble. When the attributes of High Performance Leadership become the norm in your business, the results can be profound.

Smart, Capable People Will Thrive

You’ll get a customized leadership development program from Route 2, designed specifically to meet your objectives. Your team members will be immersed in highly-interactive sessions facilitated by seasoned leaders and focused on your business issues. High Performance Leadership programs are customized for your business needs from our library of over fifty specific leadership topic modules that have repeatedly proven effective in businesses of all sizes world-wide.

Create a New and More Effective Level of Energy, Enthusiasm and Focus

Route 2 can help you create a High Performance environment that fosters excitement and pride in being part of a team in which achievement is paramount. Behaviors that are not conducive to success are eliminated.

Leadership Training

In 1999 Randy Boek, formed a partnership with Chip Wilson, CEO of 360 Solutions, LLC. As a result, clients get the best of learning content, materials and methodology combined with dynamic facilitation by experienced leaders. Sessions are active with a persistent focus on relevance and business results. Customization of program specifics to the unique needs of each client group ensures training dollars are well spent.

Essential elements of the Route 2 Results approach:
  • Perspective, tangible skills and useable tools combined make it easier and more satisfying to succeed in the real world of getting business results through others
  • Customization of in-session exercises to participant reality enhances learning and real world application
  • Program structure includes spaced repetition with on-going follow-up to build confidence and drive implementation
  • Facilitators are always veteran leaders who have a history of getting results through others
  • Route 2 Results works with leaders and teams from top floor to shop floor
  • Agreement to desired outcomes is the reference point to which progress is measured